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La Confiance, located right in the centre of Mont Saint Michel in an authentic 15th century building, offers traditional cuisine in a friendly setting steeped in history. Groups and families welcome. Open all year from 11am to 10pm non-stop.



High tides at Mont Saint Michel

The highest tides in Europe !  A fascinating, unique spectacle !

Twice a day the tide goes out and comes in over 15 kilometres in the bay of Mont Saint Michel


Good to know :

  • The highest tides take place 36 to 48 hours after full or new moons, depending on atmospheric conditions.
  • During spring tides, make sure you arrive 2 hours before so you can watch the tide come in.
  • Never venture into the bay of Mont Saint Michel without a professional guide.  Every year people are caught out by the speed with which the tide comes in.


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La Confiance La Confiance La Confiance
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